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Who we are

Peter & Clark – Technologies is the technology arm of the Peter & Clark Group, which also includes our language services companies Peter & Clark – Multilingual Communication, focused on legal and financial translation, and Peter & Clark – Services, focused on corporate and creative translation. It is the outgrowth of our commitment to technologies designed to make the management of multilingual content more efficient.

To that end Peter & Clark – Technologies has been created to commercialize our internally developed Translation Management System we call iTMS (integrated Translation Management System).

Why releasing a new TMS on a market saturated with existing products?

Although there are a number of off-the-shelf products on the market, none of them could meet our needs for flexibility and security. They were often user-unfriendly for our project managers and hard to customize. Therefore, we designed a TMS that would meet the specific needs of LSP business owners and project managers.

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iTMS - We feel we have invented a better mousetrap!

Our iTMS is designed to be very intuitive and highly adaptable, meeting the specific requirements of the industry. It has everything you need:

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iTMS - a participatory and evolving system

Peter & Clark now offers iTMs to other members of the language services industry while giving them a chance to take part in the improvement of the product, making it a tool that reflects both general industry needs and your specific needs.

We are now offering to share our know-how and make our experience available to translation agencies seeking to bolster their efficiency and improve their productivity.

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Do not hesitate to contact us:

In Europe:

Michel Grevesse-Sovet – Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (+352) 30 98 97 80
Cell: (+352) 621 544 280

Isabelle Carton – Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (+352) 30 98 97 61
Cell: (+352) 621 834 414

In the USA:

Tom Alwood – Chief Technology Officer
Phone: (+1) 917-554-3189